Diamond Painting or Paint with Numbers?

Should you start with diamond painting or paint with numbers? There are advantages and disadvantages of either one and some good reasons to choose one over the other.

Either way you go, you will enjoy the thrill of opening up your kit, whether it is a diamond painting one or a paint with numbers kit. You’ll love constructing or painting your picture, starting from a nearly bank and colorless canvas to a beautiful designed finished product.

You’ll love picking out your picture as well, either requesting a customized photo or choosing from a varied selection.

One of the joys of diamond painting is how simple it is to get into and how easy it is to do, even if it does take hours to complete one. With paint by numbers, there may be more of a learning curve. You might have to mix colors together to make new colors sometimes, which can be challenging for some people.

The messiness of diamond painting VS paint with numbers should be mentioned as well. If you drop a tray of diamond drills, there will be a mess to clean up. It’s a dry mess, though, and you can sweep them up or pick them up without any problem. Picking up spilled paint can be tougher. You will need to wet the affected area and dry it clean, so it’s more of a hassle to keep the work area clean.

Diamond painting is a very hot hobby right now, with tons of new paintings being released each week, creating a massive library for aspiring artis to pick from. Paint with numbers has been around longer, so there are definitely plenty of canvases to pick from, but it’s not as exciting a hobby at the moment. The interest isn’t there as much as it is for diamond painting. More about Diamond Art

Which one is best for kids to start with? Placing diamonds into diamond painting can be tricky for smaller kids. You could give them a paint by numbers set, but they will likely make a mess of that. For kids that are about 8 years or older, either one is a good buy, but like I said, the diamond painting won’t be as messy.

Both of these have appeal for adults too, with adult-oriented designs and kits available. There are very detailed, intricate, and complex kits available for both diamond painting and paint with numbers. Whether you are young or old, experienced or inexperienced, there is a painting kit meant for you.

A lot of adults are getting into the diamond painting hobby these days. They like how there is no mess to clean up and how shiny the diamonds look when they are replaced into the canvas, creating a shimmery artwork they are proud to display and show off. As a lot of kids and adults are stuck in lockdown or dealing with restrictions in movement these days, hobbies like diamond painting and paint with numbers have great appeal. They offer them a way to stay entertained when people are at home, and whichever you choose- diamond painting or paint with numbers, I know you will have a good time.