Must-Have Tools and Accessories for Diamond Dotz Painting

Diamond painting is a wonderful way to reveal your artistic side, even if there’s not a single crafty bone in your body. Using an applicator tool and wax, you scoop up diamonds and set them on an adhesive canvas which features a color-coded chart. In other words, it’s so easy, even a child could do it! But even experienced crafters feel the draw to this mesmerizing hobby.

But this is more than a fun and engaging hobby. Since diamond painting can be considered a form of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), you can even find peace, clarity and happiness all while expressing creative energy.

However, if you have just discovered the world of diamond painting, you might be confused about the tools and accessories that come along with each kit. You may be wondering what is actually included or what you need to go out and purchase. Plus, there is an array of other additional accessories you can include to complete your diamond art studio.

From basic diamond painting supplies to light pads to frames, we’re going to walk you through what you need and what would be nice to have.

Basic Supplies and Accessories for Diamond Dotz Painting

From drills and pens to light pads, here are the basic diamond painting supplies to prepare you for this wonderful and relaxing new hobby.

Drills and Pens

The absolute primary tool you need for diamond painting is an applicator pen. There are two main diamond art pens from which to choose: drill pens and wax pens. Let’s take a look at how each type is used:

Diamond drill pens–Drill pens are the more traditional option, and they’re included within each diamond painting kit. With this type of pen, simply dip it into the wax or glue and pick up the diamond. Next, you drop it into position on the canvas.   

Diamond wax pens–Wax pens apply wax directly to the diamond piece, eliminating the extra step. When a pen begins to run low on wax, you simply sharpen it and promptly get back to enjoying your kit.

Diamond drill wheel pick-up pen–These pens offer an adhesive wheel on one end that allows you to easily grab diamonds by rolling it across a tray. You can also roll it across to place diamonds down and even remove them.

It’s also important to note that every diamond art kit comes with glue or wax to get you started, so there’s no need to seek out this accessory.    

Light Pad

Another practical accessory is the diamond painting light pad. Not only can a light pad illuminate each diamond from beneath, making a dazzling display, but it can reduce eye strain as well. Diamond painting light pads are especially useful in making sure each diamond piece is placed in its respective spot, eliminating accidents and mistakes. This way, you know exactly where that drill needs to go! Of course, light pads can be battery-operated or rechargeable.

The diamond art light pad offered on this site has numerous advantages. For starters, it’s thin (0.2-inch thickness), compact (14 x 10-inch size) and lightweight (1.32 pounds), allowing you to carry it practically anywhere you want.

It’s not battery-operated which means you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries on hand. Instead, it’s simply connected by a 3.3-foot USB cable through personal devices such as a PC, phone adapter or power bank.

Another advantage of this diamond art light pad is that it is a flicker-free LED lamp, meaning you will experience less eye strain and headaches. This is especially important if you suffer from migraines. LED lamps also project a brighter surface area.

This light pad also has a long life span and 50,000 hours of continuous use. Now, that’s a lot of time spent enjoying diamond art! It also includes a one-year warranty should anything happen.

Glue or Wax

Each diamond art kit will include some sort of adhesive whether it’s glue or wax. Using your pen’s hollow nib, you scoop up the glue and then the diamond drill. This is meant to make it easy to transfer each colored gem to their location without dropping. Once you find its location, you transfer the drill to the adhesive canvas. And there’s no need to reapply the glue. You can use the same dabbed droplet again.

You can find numerous online tutorials that teach you how to use the glue. If diamond art painting is new to you, go find a few to familiarize yourself with the techniques.